[title]Each of our training programs include the following:[/title]

What's Included

[list type=”tick”][li]Professional & Experienced Trainer: Our trainer utilizes and shares his expertise and personal knowledge to make each training session not just a learning opportunity, but an EXPERIENCE![/li]

[li]Accelerated Adult Learning: Using an adult learning technique which guarantees that 85% of the information delivered will be retained by the audience truly maximizes the impact that our training delivers.[/li]

[li]Certificate of Completion: All attendees will be given a certificate of training completion which will indicate their participation and achievement of their new skills.[/li]

[li]Manuals and Workbooks: All of the information delivered throughout the program will be available for reference in the personalized manuals/workbooks which are provided to each individual participating in the training sessions. [/li]

[li]Relationship Building: We believe in creating and maintaining relationships with each client we work with. The relationship starts with your initial call to us; starting with our complimentary pre-training consultation, through to the training event and for (at least) the following nine months as we offer our post-training support and coaching. [/li]

[li]Money-Back Guarantee: If any participants feel that they did not receive what we promised to deliver, we will honour a 70% refund for the individual who has expressed (in writing) the reason for their dissatisfaction. We believe that if you have not received what we have promised to deliver, then you are entitled to a refund.[/li]