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Training and development clearly define the difference between a good company, and a great one. Opportunities to invest in your associates are often overlooked, but the positive impact training makes on morale and profits is immense.

Interactive Online Training

What Is It?

This option provides a great level of flexibility and really works to accommodate both the participants and company’s specific needs.   It is sometimes hard to organize a group of individuals to be away from their desks for an entire day of training.  The additional challenge can be trying to coordinate multiple schedules and ensuring project deadlines are not being compromised.  With this option, a full day session can be divided into 2 or 3 separate shorter sessions that put less stress on participants time and is often much easier to coordinate.  The sessions can be scheduled during the workday or after-hours, creating the least amount of disruption.  Participants can pre-order lunch, snacks or beverages allowing them to focus comfortably on the training session.  No longer do location, schedules, project deadlines or demanding timelines hinder participants from developing skills and lifelong learning.

The Benefits

Often training is coordinated as Live On-Location Training and is commonly perceived as the superior or preferred mode of training.  However, in todays workplace trying to coordinate a single day and location can be a challenge and at times costly.  We listened to our clients needs and in response have created an ideal solution that will provide them with a live facilitated session that still includes trainer and participant interaction.   We are proud to offer our Interactive Online Training option that has consistently been well received and has provided an affordable and easy to manage solution.

Interactive Online Training Sessions Include:

  • An experienced facilitator who hosts a real-time digital session
  • Customized and interactive activities
  • Customized participant manuals that are pre-shipped
  • Accelerated adult learning techniques
  • One-on-One engagement through live casting, interactive discussions and activities
  • A Certificate of Completion


Our Interactive Live Training pricing is made simple and straight forward!  The price we quote you includes Everything!  Therefore, you don’t have to concern yourself with additional trainer per diems or other unexpected expenses.  Mainstream takes the time to ensure that our prices are accurate and if we’ve missed something …that’s on us!  You simply focus on organizing dates and calendars.  Unless you change the scope of the training session, any additional fees are for us to worry about Not You!

Before you make your decision, contact our team.

Our expertise and ability to customize a tailored fit program to ensure learning success.