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Training and development clearly define the difference between a good company, and a great one. Opportunities to invest in your associates are often overlooked, but the positive impact training makes on morale and profits is immense.

On-Location Live Training

What Is It?

Let’s start by first defining why we call this option ‘On-Location Training’.  As the training coordinator or manager, you are going to be faced with making several decisions.  One of the first will be to determine the training program, followed by which mode of training will best suit your company and the preferences of the participants.  Then the search begins as you comb through all the training providers who offer what you need.  Let’s first look at the different modes of live training -with the understanding that you want to have a trainer conducting the session(s).

Understanding the Different Options:

On-Site Training:  Is training that is delivered at a company’s location.   This is a common option for either an in-house trainer or when an outside vendor is contracted to facilitate the training at the organization’s location.  Available and appropriate space should always be a key consideration for this option.

Off-Site Training:  This option is commonly used when participants are coming from multiple locations that are not geographically close to one another.  Additionally, this option is sometimes selected (even if all participants are from a common geographic area) as it may provide a more relaxing or distraction-free setting, allowing for a better, more focused and engaged training experience.

On-Location Live Training: Essentially this is the combination of the previous options.  This is a single term that Mainstream uses for our services as it best embodies the way that we serve the needs of our clients.  Mainstream’s On-Location Live Training option allows the client the flexibility to host the session(s) either on-site or off-site, whichever best suits their needs.   We don’t own a specific training facility, allowing our team to be mobile and flexible in order to accommodate what works best for you and the participants.  The best part, it costs you nothing extra for us to come to you!

Interactive Live Learning:  This additional option may be more convenient for you and your team as it provides a slight cost savings as well as scheduling flexibility.  This is especially beneficial when your team is in various geographic locations, if they work alternate shifts or if it is difficult to align schedules for full day(s) of training.  Learn more about this option

Once you have determined that On-Location training is the most appropriate option for your team(s), the next steps will be determining the location of your session.

The Benefits

Live training is certainly our Most Popular and Most Requested training format.  On-Location Live Training provides participants with an in-person facilitator who will work directly with your team whether for a single training session, a training series, a keynote presentation or a motivational presentation for a special event.  There is just something special that happens when a trainer can interact directly with participants or an audience for discussions, activities or simply one-on-one conversations.

Our Live Training Sessions Include:

  • On-Location experienced facilitator or trainer
  • Customized and interactive activities
  • Customized participant manuals
  • Use of accelerated adult learning techniques
  • One-on-One participant engagement
  • A Certificate of Completion


Our On-Location Live Training pricing is made simple and straight forward!  The price we quote you includes Everything!  Therefore, you don’t have to concern yourself with additional trainer costs such as travel, accommodations, meals, etc.  Mainstream takes care of all those expenses so that you can focus on organizing the event day -wherever that may be!   Unless you change the scope of the training session, any additional fees are for us to worry about Not You!

Before you make your decision, contact our team.

Our expertise and ability to customize a tailored fit program will ensure learning success.