Success is defined by you as an individual; a successful person embodies an attitude and commitment to lifelong learning. The thirst for knowledge, a greater understanding and an openness to alternative perspectives defines an individual. Their ability to lead and interact with others ultimately creates a more enlightened, aware and productive person.

- Matt Dunlop

Online Learning

What Is It?

Online learning is education that takes place via the Internet, also referred to as distance learning.  This is an umbrella term that includes any learning that takes place from a distance and that does not occur with a traditional classroom setting.   Online learning closes the ‘access’ gap, providing everyone with access to education no matter their location.  This learning option helps to eliminate borders and barriers, both physical and social.  Online learning provides everyone with the opportunity to access quality educational and skills-building information that they can absorb at their own pace, place and time.

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The Benefits

If you have determined that online learning is the most appropriate option for you or a colleague, your next step is to narrow down what program(s) will best suit the learning objectives.  The benefit of this training mode is that you don’t need a group of individuals you just need one!  It is convenient, logical and affordable.  You can register for a program(s) and upon payment approval you gain immediate access the program(s) whenever and wherever you are.   That’s right, as long as you have your login credentials and an internet connection you are ready to learn -at your own pace.   Start and stop as often as you see necessary.  The system will wait for you.

Online Learning Includes

  • Private login and access
  • The complete program with all the same great information you would receive from the live training session
  • Program is divided into modules to allow you to start and stop as you need and to break the information into smaller, easier to absorb pieces
  • The ability to track your progress against the completion of the course
  • Quizzes, Case Studies and interactive activities
  • A Certificate of Completion which is automatically issued to you once you have completed the program and successfully passed the skills testing quiz


Our Online Learning programs are priced affordably to provide little reason for not advancing your learning.  Simply add your program(s) to your cart, follow the check out process, determine your Username and Password and ta-da!  Instant access to learning.

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