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Are you ready to ACCELERATE? Discover how these SEMINARS will GUARANTEE to drive tons of new traffic and customers to your business, INCREASING YOUR SALES & PROFITS!

Mainstream Corporate Training  is dedicated to providing you with Real Life expert advice through our Introductory Free Seminars and contracted Training Programs that are filled with Powerful & Useful information presented by Certified, Experienced and Skilled Marketing Experts.

Each of our programs are developed with you (the business owner or professional) in mind. For years we have been asked to share our secrets to personal and professional success. Well, the time has come and we couldn`t be happier with our decision to share what we know works. Why are we so confident it will work? Becuase we have done it ourselves, over and over again. We have heard from others who followed our advice and techniques and they have the same great results. PROOF is what we back our claims with.

Seminar Topics Include

[panel title=”The Online Pro”]An intense training program that reveals all the “need to know” tricks of making the internet work for you; afterall, the internet is the largest and most aggressive media in todays marketplace. The best part… anyone can afford access to it!
[panel title=”Diversity in the Workplace”]Today’s workplace is very different than even 10 or 20 years ago. As our population grows we encounter larger numbers of associates who celebrate different religions, sexual orientations, race, gender etc… It is our opportunity to celebrate and embrace these differences. Afterall, it is through understanding and acceptance that we learn the most. Is your workplace effectively celebrating it’s diversity?
[panel title=”Mastering the Marketing Mind”]Well we all know that marketing is a critical component of every business today. However, we all understand that hiring a Marketing firm to represent and promote your company may not be realistic based on your budgets. Now you have the opportunity to “tap-into” the mind of some of the most successful marketing minds. Learn from their mistakes and from what they know will work for you and your company. During this session you will learn the trade secrets that marketing firms don’t want you to know about. Why? If you know these tips, tricks and industry secrets you won’t need them!
[panel title=”Dealing with Difficult People”]We all have them in our lives, however, have you stopped to think that you You Also are a Difficult Person? Sorry, but it’s true. We all have our difficult moments, but when we are dealing with others who are difficult wouldn’t it be awesome to know exactly how to identify what type of difficult person they are as well as how to deal with them – effectively, minimizing your pain and suffering. In this course you will learn the exact skills to identify, label, deal with and resolve any situation you run into when dealing with a difficult person.
[panel title=”Customer Essentials”]It’s not just offering a friendly smile and remembering to say hello when you greet a customer that makes your organization Exceptional! Customer Essentials will explore all facets of creating not just loyal customers, but customers who will Rave about you! These are the customers who stay with you for life and give you the solid customer foundation that will catapult your success! If you want to take your business to a level your competition may never reach, then attending this seminar is perfect for you.
[panel title=”Developing the Young Professional”]We were all there at one point in our careers. If you are currently there, understand this… We know what you are going through. The frustrations of being overlooked for that promotion you know you could do a better job at, acknowledging and avoiding awkward and sometimes career crashing mistakes that could stunt the growth of your professional career. If you want to launch your professional career and avoid the normal “stumbling” then you Must attend this seminar. Our panel of professional experts will provide you with the wisdom and insights that will ensure your professional growth is fast and steady.
[panel title=”Secrets of Engaging an Audience”]It is well understood that public speaking is the #1 fear. People fear death less than speaking in front of people – This is Crazy! Do you realize that everyone, everyday is engaging an audience? The size of the audience may range from 1 to 10,000, but still the same we are ALL presenters, every time we leave our homes and go to work. Now, the question really should be… are we a good presenter or a bad one? Presentation skills are the corner stone to both personal and professional success. Learning specific step-by-step effective presentation skills will help you to be certain you are always putting your best foot forward in Every communication you have.

Who should attend these seminars?

Anyone looking for self improvement, professional guidance or marketing and business advice. If you feel that you are the best at what you do and that there is no way anyone could teach you something you don’t already know… then our seminars may not be helpful for you. However, there is a famous quote by Henry Ford that states: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”

You do not need special skills, talents or previous experience. Our seminars and courses are designed to teach ANYBODY what they need to know to truly do better. If you are someone who is just curious or interested in new knowledge and skills, you should know that each of our seminars and courses are designed to give you a complete understanding of the most successful, practical and proven skills and strategies.

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Our courses are designed to provide you with hands-on, practical, and “real life” tools & skills that will get you onto the road to success the moment you leave.

… and best of all, our FREE MARKETING SEMINARS give you a free “test drive” of our full courses, showing you just how powerful the information you will learn really is. You learn and benefit from our expertise, experience, knowledge and success.

Inquire within about any of our upcoming Free Seminars taking place in your area! If we don’t have a date scheduled for your area, it is something that can be arranged. We are always looking for new cities to visit and people to teach!