[title]On Location Training: Group or Private[/title]

We will bring the experience to you! We start with a discussion about your training needs and expectations and using that information we will Completely Customize your training program and manuals. You simply book the location (using an on-site or off-site facility), we will supply you with a list of all technical and room setup requirements. We make your experience easy and simple.

[title]Online Webinar[/title]

If live training is simply not a viable option, our online webinar format provides the perfect solution for either small or large groups. You understand how vital training is to your organization, so even when time or budgets are standing in your way, keep giving your team what they need by using this practical and equally effective solution. We will still handle all of the technical details, allowing you to simply enjoy the experience.

[title]Lunch and Learn Seminar or Workshop[/title]

Has one of our topics caught your eye? Maybe a program “test drive” is exactly what your team needs. These are great educational and motivational sessions that can span 1-2 hours during a breakfast, lunch, dinner or evening session. You may even see this format as a fit for a fundraiser or a great addition to a corporate or social event. The options are endless and the impact is Significant!

[title]Motivational Seminar or Workshop[/title]

Does your team need a “kick-start” to re-ignite their passion? Are corporate or personal changes looming? If so, our trainers can deliver powerful and motivational sessions that will guide everyone to focus on solutions that will inspire progress. We will identify the focus for the session and ensure our trainers target those specific goals.

[title]Retainer Based Training[/title]

If you are an organization that appreciates the value of ongoing skills development, partnering with our team to perform continuous training or coaching is ideal for you. Use any of our training formats for groups or one-on-one sessions ensuring that your team is getting access to the information when it is needed, in the most appropriate training method. Establish your monthly or yearly budget and we will design a program that meets your needs.