A Four-Part Workshop

There have been a number of studies that identify the key skills that workers need to be successful. Various studies call them different things – critical employability skills, soft skills, or transferable skills. Regardless of the name these skills are critical for workplace success.

Eight of the most commonly identified skills are:Being a Productive Team Member, Flexibility, Problem Solving, Resourcefulness, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Self-Confidence, Creative Thinking and Emotional Intelligence. Many of us possess one or more of these attributes already. Luckily these skills can be improved upon through training.

This 4-module course is designed to take participants to a new level of understanding and skill for achieving and possessing the key skills that will help to make them successful at work.

Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
module 4

$350 +hst

Accepted Methods of Payment:
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  • Professionally Facilitated
  • Interactive Webinar Sessions
  • Student Manuals
  • Certificates of Completion

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of all 4-modules, participants will be able to:

  • Understand ways to be an effective team member.
  • Understand and manage your level of change tolerance.
  • Understand ways to be flexible in times of change.
  • Recognize what a problem is and ways to approach problem solving.
  • Appreciate the variety of behaviours that characterize resourcefulness in the workplace.
  • Identify tips for giving and receiving feedback.
  • Realize the uses of feedback to increase your strengths as a leader in the workplace.
  • Recognize self-confident behaviours in the workplace.
  • Utilize a three-step process to build your self-confidence.
  • Apply a number of group methods for creative thinking.
  • Understand the relevance of social and emotional intelligence in a workplace.
  • Understand, improve and implement the five sets of social and emotional competencies and correlate them to workplace experiences.

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