03 Sep

Is Your Anger Irrational? »

We know that how we think about things determines to a large degree what we experience, and this is particularly true about anger.

24 Aug

The Seven Human Emotions »

We are all human, it is easy to become consumed by emotions. Whether it be anger, happiness or fear we all succumb to these emotions at one point or another.

16 Jul

The Steps of Product Development »

Process Overview
There are many models for product development, but most models have the following phases:

Notice the dual arrow between steps three and four: the results of beta testing

06 Jul

Customer Focused Selling »

There was a time where sales efforts focused on getting as much product or service sold as possible. We worked with sales quotas based on monthly, quarterly, and annual numbers.

19 Jun

Guidelines for Efficient Planning »

Time is money, the saying goes, and lots of it gets lost in disorganization and disruption.

28 May

Hide and Seek in the Business World »

The best part of playing Hide and Seek as a kid came as you finished counting down.

22 May

Tug Of War »

Ah…remember the fun of pulling as hard as you could? Then, as you leapt forward, you realized that you were being pulled back.

08 May

Business Card Etiquette »

It is important to understand when it is appropriate to be handing out your business cards, and the manner in which to do so.

15 Apr

Defining Self-Leadership »

Self-leadership is about choosing who we are, what we do, and who we become. It doesn’t advocate for a selfish approach to get what we want at any costs.

06 Apr

Defining Risk and Risk Management »

What is Risk? 
The ISO 31000 risk management standard defines risk as, “the effect of uncertainty on objectives.

09 Mar

Understanding Assertiveness »

When leading a workshop, you want to stay in control so participants aren’t walking all over you. However, you also don’t want to scare participants away.

04 Mar

Why Routines? »

Routines simplify; clarify; and create order, symmetry, and familiarity in chaos and high stress. Routines are the foundation of success.

24 Feb

Impressions Count! »

When it comes to business, impressions count!  If you want people to believe in your products or services, you have to put some thought into dressing well in order to project the image that

30 Jan

Mastering the Interview »

The interview experience can be a stressful situation, even for those who have been through the process many times before.

20 Jan

Defining Communication »

What is communication? It is more than just sending and receiving messages; it is about understanding those messages.

05 Jan

The Five P’s and Social Media »

Lots of companies say – and even believe – that they have a social media strategy.

22 Dec

Meeting Styles »

You can connect people to your meetings by varying your meeting styles as appropriate.

15 Dec

Types of Difficult People »

Difficult people get themselves sorted into categories, just so we can develop a strategy for dealing with them.

01 Dec

Creating an Accountable Organization »

It is important to consider the accountability within our organization.

28 Nov

Key Behaviors and Attitudes for Supervising Others »

There’s an old saying that attitude is everything. One thing is for sure: attitude is a huge factor in your success at anything, including leadership.