Leadership Styles

There are several very strong models for leadership which have been developed after many years of study, and with the help of many companies and their leaders. All of these models share some things in common that we can certainly learn from in our own quest to become the best leaders that we can be.…


Self-Attitude and Assertiveness

Self-concept, self-attitude and self-esteem can all impact the way that we send and receive messages. Individuals with low self-esteem and a negative self-image tend to operate in a passive style. Other people might think that they are superior to everyone else, resulting in an aggressive style. This creates all kinds of interesting conversations!



Active Listening Skills

Listening and hearing are not the same thing. Most of us were fortunate to be born with hearing, but listening is a skill that must be learned and practiced in order to use it successfully. When you hear something, sound enters your eardrum, passes through your ear canal, and registers in your brain. Listening is…


Understanding Behavior and Relaxation Techniques

Sometimes, understanding why someone is behaving in a particular way is enough to ease your anger a little. Let’s talk a bit about passive, manipulative, assertive, and aggressive behaviors.

Aggressive Behavior

Definition Needs and wants are taken care of in a forceful and self-serving way. Characteristics Self-serving Demanding Dogmatic Competitive Pushy Uses intimidation,…


Avoiding Ethical Dilemmas

Wouldn’t it be great if you never got yourself in another ethical quandary? These tips should help you reduce the number of dilemmas you find yourself in.

Make sure ethical expectations are clear. 

Discuss ethical dilemmas with your supervisor before they occur. Have a discussion of hypothetical situations, including: What do I do if…


Investing in Human Capital

In today’s world, it is easy for companies to be pulled in many different investment directions. But what we have to ask ourselves is which investment is most wise to make in order to get ahead in this highly-competitive “dog-eat-dog” business environment. Should we invest in assets such as land and equipment? Or is it…