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Author: TBPLaura


Tug Of War

Ah…remember the fun of pulling as hard as you could? Then, as you leapt forward, you realized that you were being pulled back.  Alarmed you would yell: “Pull!!!“ and everyone leaned back and grimaced while pulling with all their might.  Everyone would struggle as hard as they could; veins popping out of their necks, teeth…


Understanding Assertiveness

When leading a workshop, you want to stay in control so participants aren’t walking all over you. However, you also don’t want to scare participants away. You want to have an assertive attitude. Assertiveness is a word we tend to use not always understanding what it means. Assertiveness is not about getting your own way…


Why Routines?

Routines simplify; clarify; and create order, symmetry, and familiarity in chaos and high stress. Routines are the foundation of success. Be dull in your everyday routine so you can be wildly creative where it counts. During high stress, routines are like ports in a storm. Top performers in every area of every industry have lives…


Impressions Count!

When it comes to business, impressions count!  If you want people to believe in your products or services, you have to put some thought into dressing well in order to project the image that you want. Once you have established a relationship you can ease up a bit, but you should always look professional and…


Mastering the Interview

The interview experience can be a stressful situation, even for those who have been through the process many times before. Preparing yourself for unexpected and knowing what type of questions are appropriate can help to avoid a position of being put on the spot.

Out of Bounds 

Uncomfortable topics can come up in an interview.…


Defining Communication

What is communication? It is more than just sending and receiving messages; it is about understanding those messages. There are lots of things that can get in the way of understanding a message, such as: Noise Language Culture Disinterest Experience Education Emotion Vocabulary Mood Here are two tips for removing those barriers. Empathy: Make a…


Meeting Styles

You can connect people to your meetings by varying your meeting styles as appropriate. Rather than having a meeting where everyone comes in, sits down, and settles into their chair for a meeting that can drag on, kick up the energy and interest in your meetings by offering something different.

How Much Time?


Types of Difficult People

Difficult people get themselves sorted into categories, just so we can develop a strategy for dealing with them. If you pick up almost any book on the subject, you will find descriptions of these people and some suggested ways of dealing with them. Below you will find information on the difficult people that we encounter…


Leadership Styles

There are several very strong models for leadership which have been developed after many years of study, and with the help of many companies and their leaders. All of these models share some things in common that we can certainly learn from in our own quest to become the best leaders that we can be.…


Self-Attitude and Assertiveness

Self-concept, self-attitude and self-esteem can all impact the way that we send and receive messages. Individuals with low self-esteem and a negative self-image tend to operate in a passive style. Other people might think that they are superior to everyone else, resulting in an aggressive style. This creates all kinds of interesting conversations!