Melissa, Defined Interiors

I loved your presentation last week on social media…looking forward to the next one!  You’re a very engaging speaker and easy to listen to.

Anne Waters, Business Owner

" I attended the 2-Day SEO course with Matt which really focused on website business development. The course was inspiring and made me re-think and re-create the way I was doing business. Matt combines his talents as a speaker with his great listening skills and ability to teach complex concepts in a manner that easily understandable. I would recommend going to any of Matt's course. He is one of Windsor's true business leaders."

Alyssa Leonard, E-learning Developer

"Matt was excellent. I now see Facebook and Twitter in a whole new light. Also, I didn't know much about LinkedIn so this information was very useful."

Wendy Dupuis Executive Director, Financial Fitness

"I just wanted to let you know that you definitely created an impact the last two days. The staff is singing your praises, the training was a big success. They were impressed with all they learned, you wowed them. I rarely see them this enthused about a presentation or training session. Thanks again, it was the best in house training session we have conducted bar none. Proof to me that your `low tech`approach is very effective. Great job!"

Jennifer Stanton, Ambassador Dental

"The format and size of the course made it easier to comprehend the information. It was helpful to be able to ask questions throughout the day and get one-on-one help right away. I look forward to using these new skills today!"

Melissa McCormick, Queens Daughter Publications Ltd.

"Matt was an amazing educator. The material was presented in a clear manner and an enthusiastic atmosphere was obvious. Great job Matt!"

Pat Pouget, Great Lakes Technical Training

"I am a very technically challenged person but feel confident now, that I can create an interesting, informative and effective website. I have tried a do-it-yourself plan before with little success, but there is no question that this one will work!"

Rob Santarossa, Punch Gym

"Excellent presentation skills, great retention techniques. I have the confidence to move forward!"

Gail Hosking
(Seminar Rating: 16 out of 16)

"FANTASTIC!!! Highly energized. Great Instructor. Visuals with whiteboard were simple yet highly effective. Great volume. THANK YOU!!!"

Brenda Hyman, AlphaKOR
(Seminar Rating: 15 out of 16)

"We can all relate to Dealing with Difficult People as well as being one sometimes. Matt taught a well focused, interesting seminar. He enables you to retain the information and put it into practice after you leave!"

(Seminar Rating: 16 out of 16)

"Excellent Speaker. Matt made it fun and offered real life tools and examples!"

Sue Merritt
(Seminar Rating: 15 out of 16)

"I think it is an awesome seminar and wonderful that it was free."

Christopher Pressey, Christopher Pressey Design
(Seminar Rating: 16 out of 16)

"Great Presentation - informative and well paced. Anecdotes were a great way to reinforce topics."

Jackie McCreary, From the Heart
(Seminar Rating: 16 out of 16)

"The 2 hours flew! Very informative. Especially helpful to see how I can be difficult at times. Understanding the different types of different people is very empowering. Thanks for a great seminar."

Olivia Zhao, WEST of Windsor
(Seminar Rating: 15 out of 16)

"The topic & skill set is not only useful in the workplace, but also can be used in daily life!"

Amy Osman, Your Choice Paralegals LLP
(Seminar Rating: 16 out of 16)

"Seminar was very informative. Would recommend this seminar to my colleagues."

(Seminar Rating: 16 out of 16)

"EXCELLENT, Confident presenter. Very worthwhile & educational. I would definitely recommend to others. Valuable tools were learned."

(Seminar Rating: 16 out of 16)

"Good Speaker. Presented info well - concise and funny. Good Examples."

Jo-Ann Towers
(Seminar Rating: 15 out of 16)

"It's very easy to stay focused on a difficult subject. It's good to know how to use the tools when you're confronted by a difficult person."

Michelle Kelly
(Seminar Rating: 16 out of 16)

"This weas very enlightening. Easy to stay focused on a difficult topic. I would definitely recommend this seminar."

Leslie Deslippe
(Seminar Rating: 16 out of 16)

"The information I gained today will have a positive impact on how I deal with difficult people going forward. Thank you for offering this session."

Nancy Dumouchelle
(Seminar Rating: 16 out of 16)

"A great introductory to recognizing the difficult people I deal with every day mostly from 8:30 - 4:30. Examples of situations & coping skills were extremely helpful. I feel the full day seminar would be tremendously informative."

Linda, Time 2 Spare
(Seminar Rating: 15 out of 16)

"Matt provides a very personal and inviting personality which entices the participants to openly speak-up and engage in the whole aspect of the seminar."

Greg Fields & Carolyn Fields, Fields of Treasures
(Seminar Rating: 13 out of 16)

"GREAT SEMINAR. Lots of good info and strategies. VERY WELL presented. THANK YOU MATT! You are a VERY ENTERTAINING SPEAKER!"

Lillian Lodik, W.E.S.T. of Windsor
(Seminar Rating: 16 out of 16)

"This session has given me the tool of dealing with people that come to see me in the office as well as the staff that I manage."

Daisy Dell
(Seminar Rating: 13 out of 16)


Bonnie Pacuta, Live Your Best Solutions
(Seminar Rating: 15 out of 16)

"Matt is a talented presenter. It only takes him a few minutes to share ideas that will help you grow your business fast."

Atelier Virginianne
(Seminar Rating: 16 out of 16)


Heather Lindsey
(Seminar Rating: 14 out of 16)

"Very timely and upbeat using real world situations."

(Seminar Rating: 16 out of 16)

"I was left with a positive shift in my perception about marketing."

Maisa Ainawawreh
(Seminar Rating: 16 out of 16)

"Offered valuable tips and presented information in an interesting way! Made it easier and clearer to understand the marketing sector! Matt's charisma just makes the seminar 10 times better! Thank you!"

Fatima Kazoun
(Seminar Rating: 14 out of 16)

"I found it to be a very good seminar for new-comers to the marketing world. The information provided will prove to be very useful in practice."

Paula Talbot, Believe Life Transformations
(Seminar Rating: 14 out of 16)

"Wonderful information. Matt is a great presenter!"

Todd Hopper, Vision Wealth

"Before working with Matt and his team in regards to web development and SEO/IM we knew nothing. They have taken us from total ignorance to a place of confidence and held our hand every step of the way. There are so many little things to know and learn one couldn't possibly learn it on their own, and that's where Matt and his team really make the difference. Its the collection of so many small things that need to be done to have an online presence and their patience with us in attempt to learn it all has been great. They really do know what their talking about!"

Angela Snary, AVID Quality Group

"Excellent job Matt! Very sincere and very clear. I can see how & why you have become so successful."

C. Stachow, Boodles of Baskets

"It was a pleasure attending this seminar & listen to someone who knows what they are talking about."

Trevor Dybenko, Self Employed

"Hi Matt, Once again, thanks for the seminar this past weekend. I knew that the internet was a valuable tool, but now I understand how to take advantage of it -- thanks to the information you gave us. I have already been talking to my friends about it. All the best to you and Renee."

Brian Stark, Wanna Bee

"Very useful information provided on SEO and Internet Marketing. This will definitely help me improve my web success!"

Marilyn Clancey, Moving in Harmony
(Seminar Rating: 16 out of 16)

"I received valid information about an on-line presence and now I'm equipped with enough information to get me to jump off the fence!"

(Seminar Rating: 16 out of 16)

"Clearly transferred valuable, usable infomration that is usable"

Jennifer Young, Urban Home
(Seminar Rating: 14 out of 16)

"Great speaker. Really enjoyed the session. Thank you for the outstanding information!"

Jodi Mason, Urban Home Windsor
(Seminar Rating: 16 out of 16)

"Very interesting and informative as to what is involved and required to be properly and accurately trained and to decide exactly where and what we need to be trained in, best bang for the buck."

Janice Johnson

"Really good for me- good information!"

Michael Kenshol

"It was great!"

Paul Rindlisbacher

"Excellent- I am glad that I attended!"

Stefan Pludowski, Mitten Inc.

"Experience was good- totally enjoyable"

Andrew Courteau, Mitten Inc.

"The course was very good. I learned a lot and it got me thinking about what I have to work on and improve."

Melissa Fairfax, Mitten Inc.

"Good experience and delivered very well!"

Clyde Granter, Mitten Inc.

"Like the format. This was the first time I was involved in webinar training, and it was a great learning experience."

Ginny Baharloo, Mitten Inc.

"Overall experience was excellent. I was surprised by the percentage of information revealed!"


"Excellent experience! Presenter was very engaging."


"Enjoyed the use of scenarios and stories. Great experience!"


"I found the content and pace of the workshop excellent. Applicable to all disciplines within our team. great information, which is practical and useful. The trainer was great, kept our energy and attention up."


"Truly enjoyed the session. Pheonominal speaker! Excited about using the tools! Thank you so much!"


"I loved the application of info to our group facilitation. I have some great ideas and I look forward to implementing them at work."


"Matt delivered an educational and motivational experience to the entire class. Thank you for a great experience!"


"Overall, excellent session with a great pace. I loved the review. Would not change anything- Matt was superb."


"Excellent speaker! Very inspiring- thank you!"


"It was a very full day with lots of information covered. Great day!"


"The personal stories shared were great to allow me to apply info to my practice."


"Great learning, really liked interaction. I appreciate your efforts and passion put into teaching!"


"Very well presented. Interesting and engaging speaker."


"I thought that the seminar was excellent. Information will be easily transferrable into every-day life situations. Thank you!"

Board of Directors Brant Human Resources Network

"We would like to extend our appreciation for the time you took out of your busy schedule to join us. Thank you for sharing your insights and expertise with our attendees".